Sunday, 30 November 2014

Great planner for everyone! :)

Hi! Hope you're all having a nice day! I have been working on posts and will 10 times during December - Yay! (most of which will be posted over winter break)

This is a quick post in which I wanted to share a Kickstarter project - The Passion Planner!

Here's the link for you to read about it - The Passion Planner - Kickstarter 

After reading about the project, it seems like a great planner, especially for students! If you would like to you may pledge for the project, or you may share it on some platform of social media (like how I'm doing!) and receive a PDF copy for free! The project ends in a few days, so share it soon!

This will be perfect since 2014 is almost over (wait, what?!) and you can start off the new year organized!

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-Kavya :)

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored/affiliated with any brands. All opinions are my own! :)*


  1. its been too long. lol
    ive just stumbled on blogger and saw you. im usually always on tumblr now.
    How have you been? i hope finals are treating you well. mine are not as bad as i thought theyd be <3

  2. ikut silaturahmi gan...


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