Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Why you SHOULD make To-Do lists! :)

Procrastination. Something that everyone does, at some point or another. So, how do you overcome procrastination? The simplest way of doing so is by making To-Do lists.

Why To-Do lists are awesome:
  • Help you overcome procrastination
  • Give you an idea of how many things you need to do 
  • Help you manage your time
  • Help you actually start doing something productive
  • Motivate you to do more (especially once you start crossing things off!)
The list goes on and on! 

When you make a To-Do list, you write down a list of things that you need to do (oh, really?). This gives you a visual representation of what you need to get done, instead of keeping it all up in your head. It also ensures that you won't forget things that you have to do. Once you make a list, you can assess the importance of different tasks. This will enable you to plan and manage your time as this will help you do tasks in their order of priority. Doing all of this is the first step to overcoming procrastination and actually getting things done!

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-Kavya :)

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