Saturday, 11 October 2014

UPDATE! + New posting schedule! :)

It has been way too long since I've posted! The past month has been extremely busy for me and I felt overwhelmed with all of the work I had to do! However, now I've adjusted to the new environment and I'm ready to be back posting again!

Posting Schedule:
At least once a week for now - I think it's a better idea to achieve this first and possibly then post more often. Have any requests? Leave them in a comment below!

Monthly Recap:
This is a summary of what all happened during the month of September and the first 10 days or so of October. I had:

  • 7 AP Biology tests
  • 2 AP Biology quizzes
  • 5 AP Chemistry quizzes
  • 2 AP Chemistry tests
  • 2 Anatomy and Physiology tests
  • A Government test
  • A Government quiz
  • 4 AP Calculus quizzes
  • 2 AP Calculus tests 
  • Stuff for a 12th grade research project due 
  • College Applications to work on
  • The ACT 
  • And last but not least, the SAT which I took today morning!
As you can probably tell, it was quite a busy month! Now I've adjusted to the new system here and I know how to manage my time and prioritize my tasks! 

Stay tuned for posts soon! Make sure you subscribe/follow (links below) so you know when I post next! Thanks! :) 

-Kavya :)

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored/affiliated with any brands. All opinions are my own! :)*

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