Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back to School: Supplies Haul! :)

School Supply shopping. Probably the best part about going back-to-school! I got things from Walmart, Staples and Target. Here's everything I got!

Black pens: BIC Cristal (10 pack) - $1 per packet (at Walmart, Target and Staples)
Decided to get 3 packs because I usually use 1 pen a week, so hopefully these pens will be enough for the entire year!

Mechanical pencils: BIC Mechanical pencils (5 per pack) - $1 per packet (at Staples)
(Target was selling the same pencils but in an 8-pack for a $1!)
These are my favorite mechanical pencils!

Red pens: BIC Cristal (10 pack) - $1 per pack (at Walmart)
Sometimes for peer correction, red pens come in handy! My brother and I will share this pack, so I'll get 5 while he gets the rest!

Erasers: Pentel erasers (3 pack) - $2 (at Staples)
After rebate, these erasers will be free! (but that offer expried now!) Check your Staples weekly ad to see their rebate offers for this week!

Sharpener: Staples Sharpener - 68 cents
I don't think I'll use the jumbo part of this but it was the cheapest one available!

Clipboard: Up and Up plastic Clipboard - $3 (at Target)
Clipboards are great to use, especially while doing projects! I expected it to be cheaper but it'll last longer because it's plastic!

Binders: Staples Better Binders 1.5" - around $6.20 after using coupon
I had a 30% off coupon for these and even though they are more expensive than typical binders, I think that they are more durable. They have rubber spines instead of plastic so they won't break as easily! I got one in Teal and the other in Black!

Highlighters: Sharpie Highlighters, 10-pack - $6 (at Walmart)
I use highlighters a lot , especially in textbooks, so I know that these will come in handy this year!

White-out: BIC Wite-out - $1.60 (at Walmart)
I usually don't mind striking out words when I write, but when you have to turn things in to teachers, you don't want to turn in messy work, right?

Desktop pencil cup: NeatLife - 4.99$ (plus 20% off at Staples)
Since I got a new desk sometime back, I decided to get this pen stand to organize writing supplies! This one is a nice black mesh one which is divided into four compartment, thus making it better for more organizing! 

Index-card holder: Up & Up - $1 (at Target)
This is a great way to organize flash cards! It comes with 5 tabs that divide the box and labels for each tab!

Paper: Norcom College ruled paper (150 sheets per pack) - 75 cents (at Walmart)
My brother and I decided to stock up on paper for the year! We got 5 packs! Paper at Walmart was cheaper than at Staples where it was 82 cents for 120 sheets.

Planner: Mead Weekly-Monthly Planner - $7.99 (at Target)
No back-to-school shopping is complete without buying a planner! I love this planner and I'm excited to use this to keep myself organized throughout the school year! Target had a good selection of planners for the best prices! Staples had a great selection but most planners this size were around $15! Walmart had good planners too, but I got this one at Target before going to Walmart!

That's everything I got! I hope it lasts for the whole year! (by the way, I will be a 12th grader!) Thanks a TON for reading! Hope this helped you in some way! What are you buying this year? Leave a comment below! Make sure you subscribe/follow my blog (links below) so you know when I post next! Thanks!

-Kavya :)

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*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored/affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own! :) 

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  1. I may have to agree that buying for school supplies is the best part of going back to school! :) Great post! :)


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