Thursday, 7 August 2014

Back to School: The 3 best times to buy School Supplies! :)

School supply shopping. Something that I enjoy. (Yes, I know that it sounds weird) With school coming up soon, I thought I'll give you an idea of the best times to buy school supplies. I think there are three  times when you could buy school supplies that would make them both cheap and worth it!

#1 - A month before school starts:
This is probably the most common time that people like to buy school supplies. There are a ton of sales and great deals on almost every school supply that a student would need. As most students start school at the end of August or beginning of September, the best time to go shopping would be right now!

#2 - Before each semester:
This is a great method to use if you are experimenting with and organization system for the first time. In the 10th grade, I used a 3-inch binder to organize all of my papers at home but that system didn't really work for me that time. So I switched to using an accordion file folder which ended up working very well. Buying supplies before each semester gives you a chance to try a new organization method or change a previous one. Also, once you buy supplies for the first semester, you'll know exactly the amount of the supplies you want during the second one! (Also, the second semester usually starts around Dec/Jan, so there will be Christmas sales going on!)

#3 - After the first week of school:
Sometimes, teachers have preferences. So it's a good idea to wait before you buy your supplies. You may buy 2 3-subject notebooks for your 6 classes. However, the first day of school, one of your teachers could tell you to use a 1-inch binder while another could tell you to use a composition notebook. Then it would be a bit useless to have one of the 3 subject notebooks that you bought. Also, sometimes once you are actually in the class, you might realize that a binder works better than a notebook. Or something similar to that. So, instead of spending money on something you don't use, it's better to wait a while.

That's it! What method do you follow while buying school supplies? As for me, I'll combine #1 and #3 - I'll get most of my writing supplies sometime soon but I'll get binders/notebooks/folders/etc. a week or so after school starts so I know what will work best!

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-Kavya :)

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