Tuesday, 26 August 2014

8 things to do before school starts! :)

School is just around the corner and in order to transition from summer vacation to school, I'm telling you 10 things that you could do to set the school year off with a great start! Feel free to do these things yourself or share them with other students!

#1 - Print out your schedule!
You need your schedule - You'll know what classes you have, where you have them and who you'll have them with! You can even compare schedules with your friends to see if any of your friends have the same classes as you! What classes are you taking this year?

#2 - Print out a map of the school!
This applies to new students (like me!) I've been to the school a couple times and I already know that without a map, I'll end up lost and late to all of my classes! Also mark the rooms where you have classes and map out a pathway!

#3 - Get a library card!
During the school year, teachers might ask you to read  certain books, you might want to read books for research or simply for fun! Sign up for one before school starts so you're ready earlier!

#4 -Clean your room!
Your room has probably become messy over the summer (I know mine has) and before school starts, clean it up! Before you know it, you'll be busy with school and your messy room will just become messier!

#5 - Start establishing a sleep schedule!
Let's be real here - on most summer days, we sleep in! Once school starts however, we can't continue doing so. Start setting early alarms - even 15 minutes earlier per night will help! After all, waking up late on the very first day of school will probably make that day worse.

#6 - Set Goals! 
It's always nice to set goals before the school year starts. Your goals can be related to grades, extracurricular activities or simply trying to get 7 hours of sleep a night! Tell me your goals in  comment below!

#7 - Go back-to-school shopping! 
Do I really need to explain this? ;)

#8 - Get organized! 
Buy a planner, set up a calendar, organize your desk - do whatever you do to be organized throughout the school year! It really makes a difference!

Those are the TOP 8 things that I think you should do before starting school! Have you already done all of these things? What do you have left? Leave a comment below! I would love to know!

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-Kavya :)

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  1. Great tips, I definitely need a sleeping schedule as I have been going to bed so so late!

    1. Thanks! I've also been going to sleep late and school starts tomorrow! When do you start school?

      -Kavya :)


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