Sunday, 1 June 2014

SAT countdown - 6 days!

Today was a good day! Even though I didn't exactly study a lot, I went through a lot of tips and tricks from multiple sites that will definitely help me on the test!

What I did today:

  • Vocabulary - read 250+ words today! That's an achievement, considering that I despise reading/memorizing it (of course, there are only a bunch of obscure words!)
  • Essay - went over some templates, prompts and brainstormed a few more examples (in addition to the ones that I went over yesterday) that I want to research - will probably do this tomorrow!
  • Math - For the most part, I'm doing well on math - I usually get only 2 wrong each time. Seeing that I have a problem only with the harder questions, I decided to solve some of those and watch all of the explanations for level 4 and 5 questions on KhanAcademy! (which by the way, is an excellent resource!)
  • Critical reading - read a ton of strategies that I will definitely try to put into practice tomorrow! 
That's it! Thanks a TON for reading! Make sure you subscribe/follow so you know when I post next! Thanks! :) I know these posts are short and it doesn't seem like a do a lot, but since I spend a lot of time on each thing, I'll include exactly how much time I spend studying from tomorrow's posts!

-Kavya :)
"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted." - David Bly

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