Sunday, 4 May 2014

SAT Subject Tests! :)

I'm back! Finally. The past 10 days have been so crazy - traveling, jet lag but most of all, studying. Yesterday, I took the SAT subject tests, actually, 3 SAT subject tests! I took Math Level 2, Biology (M) and Chemistry.
Well, how did I do? Before that, how did I prepare? I studied from the Barron's books for each subject, which are supposed to be much much harder than the actual test, especially for Math level 2. I studied for a little over a month, but did a lot of practice tests and revision throughout the past week. I'll break down my expectations and experiences by subject:

*All the tests are out of a possible 800 and last for an hour long. And no, I am not affiliated with the CollegeBoard in any way. All opinions are my own.*

Biology (M):
Preparation results: In my very first practice test, I scored 510. Then I studied hard and brought my score up to a consistent 680-690.
Expectations: Assuming that people generally say that Barron's tests are harder than the actual one, I thought I would be confident of getting at least a 700.
Experience: The 60 common questions to me, were fairly easy but at the same time, obscure. Like they weren't based off of clear concepts. The 20 M (molecular) questions were more or less the same.
Thoughts: I think I could have done better. I'll just have to wait for my score!

Preparation results: In my very first practice test, I got a score of 650. After studying a lot more, I got scores ranging from 720-780.
Expectations: That I wouldn't have that hard of a time finishing the test or solving the questions.
Experience: A few of the questions were time consuming but I was still able to finish with a few minutes to spare.
Thoughts: Happy. I think I've done well!

Math Level 2:
Preparation results: Practice test #1 - 510. After understanding concepts and solving a ton of problems, I brought up my score to a 680-690.
Expectations: A much easier test. Why? Everyone (on the CollegeConfidential forum, that is) says that Barron's practice tests are extremely hard. Many say that people 650-690 scores on Barron's tests can easily score 720+ on the real one. In fact some people have even said that they scored around 650 on the practice tests, but actually got 750+. Another expectation that I had was that I would have enough time to finish all of the questions unlike the practice tests, in which I would skip around 10 each time.
Experience: Better. Much better. I flew through the first 30 questions (finished them in about 20 minutes). A few were too hard for me, so I did skip a couple (on purpose).
Thoughts: Happy. I know that I did my best!

Well, now that that's done, I can relax. For a little while. Have to continue preparing for the SAT itself (and ACT) , which I'm taking next month! I put that on hold for studying for the subject tests.

Did any of you take any standardized tests recently? If so, how did you do? Or are you taking any soon? How's your prep going?

-Kavya :)
"The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson." - Tom Bodett

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