Saturday, 31 May 2014

SAT countdown - 7 days!

Nope, no smiley face at the end of this title - studying for the SAT is not fun. At all. Since I will be taking the test next Saturday and seeing that this blog is related to school/exams/etc., I thought I'll tell you all how I study throughout the day up until the exam! Are any of you taking the SAT too? If so, how's your prep?

What I did today:

  • The 3 Critical reading sections from 1 College Board Book (aka from now on, the Blue Book) test
  • Went through the critical reading sections from 4 previous full length tests I took, wrote down the vocabulary that I didn't know and memorized them! 
  • Solved difficult math questions - I'm doing well on almost all of the easy and medium level ones, so I decided that I'll focus mainly on the harder ones. 
  • Reviewed the writing sections from two Blue Book tests
  • Revised vocabulary flashcards for a few letters
  • Reviewed an entire SAT that I had taken a couple of days ago - got my best score yet! :)
  • Went through a lot of tips related to the essay - now I know how to improve the intro, body and conclusion of my essay! 
  • Decided a couple of examples that I want to research tomorrow as essay evidence (yes, you could memorize examples in advance)
That's everything that I did today! It was a pretty productive day, but I have to work harder tomorrow! I really want to do good on the test!

Are any of you taking the SAT/*insert exam here* too? If so, how's your prep?

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-Kavya :)
"Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never." - Winston Churchill

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