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How I Organize: My Toiletries/Cosmetics Pouch! :)

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With traveling across the world, (click here to know about it!) I wanted to keep all of my toiletries/cosmetics in a reasonably sized pouch to use at the airport (I didn't use anything on the plane - ended up sleeping too much! :P) and also at the hotel! So, let's get into it!

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If anyone close you know ever makes a round-trip flight in business class, take advantage of it and ask if you can have one of the travel pouches that they would have received - they make good pouches for all of your travel needs! This pouch is from Emirates, which I took from my dad (he had four!) :P 

The pouch has little elastic pouches inside along one edge and then empty space. Here's what I kept in it:

1. In the pouches (top left) - Maybelline BB cream, Covergirl powder and a mini-size of the Neutrogena sunscreen/moisturizer. (the one shown is not mini, I later bought a mini one before leaving)
In the rest of the pouch:
2. Body products (top right)Travel sized lotion, shower gel and body mist (which came in handy between flights) from Bath and Body Works.
3. Hair products (bottom left) - A brush and clips. I kept the smaller clips shown on the left inside the bigger one in the middle. I used the other one in my hair. Tip: If it takes up too much space, wear it!
4. Last, but not least (bottom right) - I had a mini toothbrush (used the toothpaste that I got on the plane) and a Nivea lip butter. 

I would have separated everything by using ziploc bags but we had already packed everything (keep in mind, we were moving)

You could also store your liquid products in ziploc bags but none of the airports that I went to checked them specifically - they were all under the required limit! I wasn't even required to take any of them out!

That's it! Thanks a TON for reading this post! What are your travel toiletry essentials? Leave a comment below! Also, please make sure you subscribe/follow (buttons in the right sidebar!) so you know when I post next! Thanks! :)

-Kavya :)
"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." – Saint Augustine

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