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How I Organize: My Carry On Bags! :)

In this post here, I tell you about how we are moving to the US! (already moved!) Since the flights were about 20 hours in total, I decided to show you what's in my carry on bags and how I organized them!

Carry on #1 is a regular backpack. Carry on #2 is a backpack which I used as a laptop bag but I also kept quite a bit of other things as well! Each bag is under 7 kilograms, the limit for carry on baggage.

*Not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned, all opinions are my own!* :)

Carry on #1 - An American Tourister Backpack!

In the large pocket:

Books! I had my SAT subject tests a week about a week after we had arrived (read about how they went here!), so I decided to have my books with me - I had plans of studying but didn't do so! I had the Barron's books or Math Level 2 & Biology E/M. Next I had a notebook in which people from my class had written in for me, as I was leaving! It was so sweet of them to do so & I wanted to keep it with me (and not take the chance of losing it through check in baggage)! The two other books are ones which I am planning on reading for the SAT - Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography & Julius Caesar (again, which I wanted to read on the plane, but didn't.)

In the front pocket:

2 pouches, a little box and a small purse. Tip: Pouches are the easiest way to organize things in backpacks! I used had the small purse (as we went sightseeing for a while), a toiletries pouch (a post is coming soon about that, not the next one but the one after that!) for all my necessities, my graphing calculator (for the math level 2 subject test), a box with pens (not Parker pens, though!) and a pouch for pencils/erasers! Also, the paper peeking out the pocket is instruction sheets for the calculator.

Here's what was in the small purse: 

*Reasons for taking particular items mentioned in parentheses!
Mini pockets in the front: In the left one, I kept lip balm (lips get chapped, right?), a nasal inhaler (planes can get stuffy, so it's nice to have it to feel better, especially on long flights & if you have a cold), cough drops (it gets way too cold on planes and you just never know!). In the right one, I kept a mirror (never know when you might need one), a handkerchief (again, in case you get a runny nose), hair ties (does this need explanation? :P) and earplugs (you never know if you'll be sitting near crying babies - I didn't luckily!).

Bigger pocket: I showed how I organized it in the corner image. Phone and iPod in the two pockets, the charger for both of them, sunglasses in a small plastic bag (as we were going sightseeing, but it ended up being cloudy so I didn't use these), a little notebook and my camera in its case!

I fit quite a lot in the purse, don't you think? By the way, it's from Target and is by the brand Mossimo Supply Co. (Got it about two years ago, don't know if it's still available!)

That's it for carry on #1! 

Carry on #2 - An Adidas backpack (which also functioned as a laptop bag!)

In the very back "laptop pocket", I kept *surprise!* the laptop. (not pictured)

In the other big back pocket, I kept clothes - always have a couple outfits extra in case your check in baggage gets delayed or to change in between flights - I did before the very long one! I also had my swimsuit. The packaged item in the cover is a shirt that two my friends painted for me and the bubble wrapped one is a mini mug that two of my other friends gave me - both were farewell gifts! The pocket in front of this )bottom right image) had the laptop charger (not pictured), my goggles, swim cap and inner wear below that!

That's how I organized my 2 carry on bags! Thanks a TON for reading! Hope this helped you in some way! What are your carry on essentials? Leave a comment below! Also, make sure you subscribe/follow (buttons in the right sidebar) so you know when I post next! Thanks! :)

-Kavya :)
"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." – Henry Miller

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