Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How I Organize: My Desk! :)

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Time for another "How I Organize" post! Today - I'll show you my desk which is built into the wall!

My Desk "Structure":

A desktop which extends way inside, a small desk drawer, a 2 shelved bookshelf & lastly 2 "L" - shaped shelves (which are corner shelves).

The desktop:

I like to keep the major portion of my desktop clear, so I can spread things out when I'm doing schoolwork or so I can just keep books that I'm currently using on it.

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In the corner though, I do have 2 things -
Firstly, a little container that has hair ties, clips, combs, hair oil & deodorant (for everyday use) I used a container (kept the lid below it) and a empty chocolate box to store the hair accessories.
Next to it, I have my mesh pen stand. I keep a cutout of cardboard in it to split it into 2 sections. On one side, I keep my whiteboard markers and on the other, I keep a couple of pens, pencils, a highlighter and a pair of scissors. I also put a few binder clips on the side for easy access.

The inner part of the desktop: I have my Violin, music stand, my school backpack (under which I have extra papers), an umbrella and charts/cardboard rolled up.

The drawer:

This is probably my favourite part of the entire desk. I love school supplies & this is where I store almost all of them!

Clockwise, starting from the inner left corner:
2 rulers, an acrylic writing supply container, my backup school supply tackle box, (both shown below the main image above) my extra inserts box, my extra binder/expanding file folder tabs box (post on that here!), a little box for smaller school supplies,  my post - it/tabs tray (which is actually the lid of a container), a calculator & a pen box with Papermate inkjoy pens!

I actually reorganized this a little recently, but the items in in are almost exactly the same as they were when I did a reorganizing post months ago - click here to read it.

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The Bookshelf:

I'll just break it down quickly:

Bottom shelf: Blank/Misc. Notebooks on the far left (misc. notebooks are the ones in which I write more than 1 subject in).
The other books are all organized by subject - English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
The books are organized within each subject too - notebooks then textbooks.

Top shelf: I decided to pile instead of file here and the three piles are -  AP books, ACT books (have two of the same one because I borrowed one) and SAT + SAT subject books. I'm actually not writing any AP exams, but I'm currently studying from all of the other books!

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"L" shelf #1: (lower)

I have 2 hole punch machines - one 3-hole punch & another 2-hole punch in the side, next to that a mini thesaurus, dictionary & SAT vocabulary flashcards that I'm currently trying to memorize.
Next, I have storybooks in the back (piled as I don't reach for them often). Spot any of your favourites? Next to them I have binders which all fit in the remaining space when I place them next to each other, so I don't need to zigzag them. In front of these, I have files/folders (which are empty or have backup sheet protectors, binder dividers, etc) to the left & papers (ruled/unruled) to the right.

"L" shelf #2: (upper)

I keep things that I don't reach for very often up here, simply because it's not that easy to access. (Also, sorry about the lighting for this image!) First off, I have the box of the lid that I use to store post-its in my drawer with extra pencil cases and an old shoe box with school supplies that I rarely use along with extra index cards. I keep an Angry Birds pouch with markers & my camera/camera case. Towards the inner part, I have old school books from previous grades for references (because sometimes you just need to get back to basics!) along with old planners! Do you keep any of your own planners? Next to that, I have files with previous grades' papers! Usually, in front of the files, I have my box of medals but I removed that for this (as the medals have personal info).

Well, that's my entire desk! Hope you liked it! Feel free to leave a comment down below telling me how you organize your desk (and your thoughts on my desk organization as well!) Make sure to leave requests if you have any! Go ahead and pin any images that you want as long as you give proper credits! :)

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-Kavya :)

If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign? - Albert Einstein


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