Monday, 14 April 2014

Blog Makeover?! :)


Well, you might be able to tell, my blog looks different. Very different. I gave it a makeover! Took a while, reading tutorial after tutorial & trying to figure out HTML (hey, that kinda rhymes! If you say it kind of fast) but I finally did it! Of course, it doesn't look super professional and all that, but it's much better than before, don't you think?

I might go over what I did do to give it a makeover in detail, if you would like me to! Leave a comment below! It wasn't that hard at all!

And now for the Before and After!


One word - blah. In another word - boring. My problems:
  • Header: I thought I was super creative when I came up with it, trying to make the "arrows" resemble Post-it flags and what not. It wasn't responsive and the colours were a bit too bright.
  • Background: While I do love that background (I still do!), it wasn't tiled right and I felt it took away from the content of my blog a little bit because it was ombre.
  • Sidebar: Yikes. Where do I even begin? Barely made a difference - links weren't there, it wasn't informative, it didn't really add much to my blog (besides the for the E-mail subscription service, Bloglovin' & Google friend connect)
  • Footer: Besides the attribution and the source for my previous background, it had absolutely nothing. 
  • Posts:  All on the home page, no jump breaks ie, no "read more" tabs, so my blog itself took a longer time to load because of all the images.
  • Pages: No images, just text, text & (surprise!) more text. 
  • Design & Layout: In general, I think it looked pretty bad and disorganized [which we can't have on a blog titled "OrganizationtotheMax" ;)]
That's enough of complaining! Now for the after!

After: You can see it right now!

What I changed & why I love it:
  • Header: While I still kinda liked my previous header, I wanted to tone the colours down a little bit & have it be simple as well as match the background.
  • Background: After searching site after site for good free backgrounds, I finally found this nice blue/teal polka dot textured background, which I love! (Resources in the next post!) And it works perfectly tiled too!
  • Sidebar: Better. Much better. Probably my favourite part now! It has social media buttons (which I made), e-mail subscription (make sure to enter yours if you haven't yet!), a search box, categories (ie, all labels) and archives! 
  • Footer: A little better, it still has attribution but now it also has the blog's pageview stats, and mentions/sources for any free blog related things in the design (like the backgorund source)
  • Posts: Add jump breaks to all of my posts long enough so I could include more on the home page! (still in progress)
  • Pages: I created a gallery of all of my posts under each topic under each tab, with images! (Will mention tutorials and such in the following post!)
  • Design and Layout: Cleaner and a little more better, don't you think? Plus, it now has a main colour scheme - teal/aqua, light grey and black! 
  • Extra feature: "Pinnable" pictures! That's right, you can now "Pin" all of the images (that are mine, not the ones from other stores and such)! However, if you do, make sure you give proper credit in the description!
Well, that's it! Hope you like the new blog design! Thanks a TON for reading! Tell me what you like (and don't like) about it in a comment below along with any questions! Make sure you subscribe so you know when I post next! Thanks! :) My next post will be all about resources & tutorials that I used to do the makeover!

-Kavya :)
"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." - Andy Warhol

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