Sunday, 2 February 2014

Quick paper re-organization! :)

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If you've been reading my "Finals Frenzy" series, then you know that I have multiple tests everyday, from Monday to Saturday! This means that I have a lot of papers including everything from notes to question papers and more! I do have an expanding file folder that I use to organize myself and I still do! As the title says, I cleaned out some papers and re-organized the accumulated ones making way for all the ones to come (trust me, the file is pretty full already!)

My Organization System for school:
(click here to read more about it!)

I took out all of the papers and sorted everything into piles, based on the subject!

Next I used binder clips & paper clips to sort everything!

As I did not want to use labels for the piles (since they cannot be removed without tearing the not-so-great fragile sheets they are), instead I used Post-It page markers that I just wrote the subject on & clipped it under the binder clip, like so:

In a pile, it looked like this:

I then took out my first term files that already had papers in them & added these papers to them! I ended up using 2 envelope files/folders! I "labelled" it by using Post-its (as I'll most probably want to re-use the files later)

Yup, I have that much stuff for Biology!

For the other subjects, I barely had any supplementary material (in all about 5 pages) so I put a paper clip for that & stored it separately! 

The papers that I had left & wanted to keep in the expanding file folder currently: (just a few essential ones)

(I didn't have any essential physics papers to store!)

Finally, I put all of the above papers into their corresponding pockets in my expanding file folder! I replaced a tab - "Question Papers" with "Paper" that just had some ruled sheets of paper in it! I also added a chemistry one because the previous one had fallen out! I took the tabs from my "Mini binder tab organizer" (click here to know more!)

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Go ahead and organize yourself to the MAX! 

-Kavya :)
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