Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Crazy Closet Clutter Cleanout! :)

As there are a LOT of pictures in this post, it may take a while to load! 

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What is the #1 disorganized place in your house/room? For me, it's my closet! Honestly, a disaster won't even begin to describe how bad it is! Well, I finally decided to do a Crazy Closet Clutter Cleanout! (Alliteration much?) I did a while back & it took me a few hours. (Wish I had got this up earlier but I've been extremely busy with finals! (By the way, there is a "Finals Frenzy" series!)

Anyways, here's it is! I tried to use as many pictures as I could! :) I think "A picture is worth a thousand words" works here! Also, sorry if the page loaded slowly!


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Finals Frenzy: English! :)

Finals have begun! The first one was on Thursday (sorry for the delay, I've been busy studying Physics) and it was English! Here's the breakdown:

Before the Exam: 
The exam is actually at 2 pm, so I went to school in the afternoon. Up until then, I was just reading the 16 chapters that I had for the test (+one novel) - again and again. I didn't follow much of a revision schedule for English since it is one of my lighter subjects, actually the lightest. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Finals Frenzy: Mini Pre-Finals Haul! :)

Since finals is just around the corner, in fact, this week, I decided to go pick up some things that I wanted to for finals! 

It's only a few items but hey, it's not back-to-school shopping, right? ;)

What I got!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Finals Frenzy: My Study Schedule: Week #4! :)

All 4 weeks of revision tests are done! Yay! But wait...finals are yet to begin! Oh well, at least something is done! 

Finals starts on Thursday, which is in a few days! Still revising & super busy, but I know that it'll all be worth it in the end! 

Here's what I wrote in my Exam Planner this week: 

*There was almost NO homework! So I didn't write anything down on Post-it notes! Also, on Saturday, I didn't study finals related subjects, so I didn't include what I did on that day!

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So, what do you think of my Study Schedules? 

-Kavya :)
"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."- Wayne Gretzky

Monday, 10 February 2014

Finals Frenzy: My Study Schedule - Week #3! :)

Only one more week to go! This week was a bit better because I actually didn't go to school for 2 days as I had to attend a family event! It felt good to relax a little! That's why there are only 3 days in this week's study schedule!

On Tuesday, I spent my time packing (it was a very grand event, so it required quite a bit of packing), Thursday I studied 1 chapter after coming back home late and didn't include it & finally on Saturday I went through music theory as I have an exam for that in a couple of months!

Anyways, here's the 3 days that I did write in my "Exam Planner":

That's it! I know this post was short, but I didn't have a lot of work this week anyways! 
10 days left for finals though! There's already a lot more work this week! In addition to the Chemistry, Physics and Biology tests, I even have Math tests everyday! 

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-Kavya :)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Finals Frenzy: My Study Schedule - Week #2! :)

2 weeks down, 2 more to go! This week went a little better than last week - all because I was more organized! 

Here's what tests the week included:

Colour Code:


Test #3 - Ch. 5
Test #5 - Ch.12

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Quick paper re-organization! :)

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If you've been reading my "Finals Frenzy" series, then you know that I have multiple tests everyday, from Monday to Saturday! This means that I have a lot of papers including everything from notes to question papers and more! I do have an expanding file folder that I use to organize myself and I still do! As the title says, I cleaned out some papers and re-organized the accumulated ones making way for all the ones to come (trust me, the file is pretty full already!)

My Organization System for school:
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