Saturday, 25 January 2014

Finals Frenzy: Syllabi Sorted! :)

You want to get good grades on your exams? Then you need to study (unless you're born a genius)! And for that you need to know what to study! Your syllabus! Though looking at the  table of contents in textbook after textbook may help a bit, you need to do more to be organized to the max!

I have just a little over 80 chapters to study for finals next month, sounds a little bit crazy, doesn't it? The workload that comes with finals - the numbers itself drive me crazy!

Here's how I sorted my syllabi!

This is my notebook which right now, has everything related to school & exams! It's from Staples & I love it!

 I created tables to sort the syllabus, subject by subject, in their respective colour! (I did not write down the English syllabus as that is a much more lighter subject for me & all I do is read the chapters)





The Table: 

1. Serial number: It helps to number the chapters that you have to study!

2. Chapter name: Self explanatory, right?

3. Sub-topic: Use this column to divide the subject even more! For example, I needed this for biology, to show whether the chapter belongs to Botany (B) or Zoology (Z). You could also divide Social Studies (History, Geography, Civics, Economics) or Math (Algebra, Calculus, Geometry)! Just a few ideas!

4. Date planned: What date I decided to study the chapter. I kept it as an accompanying column to my study schedule (post coming on that next week - make sure you don't miss it! - Subscribe/follow!) to have everything at a glance like how most planners have a monthly overview before the week! 

5. Date completed: Just because I said I would do it on a particular date, doesn't necessarily mean that I would - other things could come up like extra homework! Also, since some chapters may be very long, even it might take you an extra day or two to finish studying the chapter (don't try to rush learning, slowing down will help you remember better)

6. The "check" column: It has to be there! When you finish studying a chapter, you have to check it off your list! It feels amazing when you do that, right?

Well, that's how I sorted my syllabi! Thanks a TON for reading! Hope it helped you in some way! Feel free to comment and please go ahead & follow/subscribe (links in the right sidebar) so you know when I post next! Thanks! :) Stay tuned for more Finals Frenzy & organization post!

-Kavya :)

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