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Beauty products, be gone! :) (Beauty Product Organization)

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As you probably know by now, I like alliterations, so I had to come up with something, hence the title - Beauty products, be gone! AKA a huge beauty products cleanout & reorganization that I did during the last week of 2013. Guess how much I spent? $3! However, due to my crazy schedule & with finals coming up (more about that here), I've not had time to type this up until now!

Anyways, enough of that - let's just get into the main thing here, shall we? Keep on reading! 

Now for a teenager, (yup, a teen who loves organizing!) I do have quite a bit of makeup/hair products/body products/etc. which I've accumulated over the past few years! To be honest, I barely use most of them - I probably wear makeup once a month, use a leave-in conditioner in my hair once a week, lotion when I remember to & my sunscreen/moisturizer every morning! What does this mean? It means that I have hoarded a lot of stuff - which was expired, crumbled & who knows - it could have even had a new species of microorganisms in it! (ok...maybe not that extreme) 

Here's the mess:


  • Total waste of vertical space
  • Clutter, clutter & more clutter (by the way, the hair products were in the adjacent shelf - not pictured)
  • Too many unused products
  • No organizational system at all!
Those were the things that needed to change!

Here's what I did:

#1 - Emptied everything onto my bed (& kept the hair products in a separate shelf):

Which left me with...

#2 - Sorted it into piles:

1. Skin/body care
2. Makeup
3. Fragrances
4. Empty products/containers (aka trash)

#3 - Started Organizing! (The best part!)

I started with hair products! I put them in a $3 tray called the MyCase from Staples!

I kept more frequently used products in the front & the rest in the back!
I placed this tray in the back corner of the shelf (picture below)

Next, I stored most of my body/skin care products! In the first image, I placed a couple of my skincare products & fragrances next to which I kept the rest of my skincare in a container that I previously had! In the next image, I decided to change things a little by utilizing vertical space! The fragrances found themselves a home in the grey haircare tray! I also stored my palettes by "filing" them! 

Onto makeup organization & cleaning out! 
As I went through the makeup, I kept things which had to be thrown out separately. I stored eye makeup & lip products in 2 black felt trays from a 3-drawer RoseArt box which I had as a kid - I had even coloured them in!) I stored the makeup in such a way that I could pile the trays on top of each other! 

For face products & frequently used skincare, I used an empty box that once had the LipMobile which my aunt had given me (in case you're wondering, it is the topmost left corner product in the tray in the above image). It was packaged like an iPhone, in a fairly big box. I decided to use the box & it's lid as 2 trays! 

Top image - I stored my face makeup products & mirrors in the bottom of the box
Bottom image - I used the lid to store my most frequently used products which included a few moisturizers, lotions, toners & lip balms!

For makeup brushes/tools, I used one of the containers that I had previously used to store most of my makeup in! The container on top of the box had tools that needed to be washed!

Finally, last but not the least, nail polish! I am in no way a nail polish person so my "collection" (if you would call it that) is very limited! To store them, I used an empty Ferrero Rocher chocolate box (I just threw away the lid!) 

Now, here's how I organized the all of the above individual systems in the shelf! (Notice the coloured in RoseArt trays!)

I placed the frequently used products in front of the face makeup & tools. Finally, I put the nail polish tray in the front!

Here's how everything turned out!

By the way, here's everything I threw away:

That's how I organized my beauty products! How much did I spend? Only $3! I reused a lot of things in different ways which saved me money but at the same time, allowed me to be organized! Remember, being organized doesn't mean you have to shell out a lot of cash, make do with what you have! Go ahead, be creative! :) 

That's all for this post! Thanks a TON for reading! I hoped you liked the way everything turned out! I sure did! I hoped this helped you in some way and maybe even inspired you to organize your beauty products! 

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-Kavya :)
"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out."


  1. Rather impressed! I need to do this :)

  2. Love how organizing makes things look sooo much neater! Thanks for sharing at "Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party!' I would love to have you stop by again tonight!

    1. Yup, it does! Not bad for a teen right?
      Thanks for commenting! :)


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