Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What's in my school pencil case? (+essentials!) :)

The test is about to start. What are you doing? Rummaging through your school bag to find a single pencil or pen and when you can't your bag just seems like a bottomless pit, right? You then decide to ask everyone around you if you could borrow one and finally that works - you take the test. When you reach home, you realize that your one pen & blunt pencil were shoved in random pockets that you didn't even know existed in your backpack.

Has this ever happened to you before? Even though the situation may have not been this dramatic, I'm pretty sure that there's been at least one time where we all have had no stationary with us at all! 

Your #1 Solution: Carry a pencil case!

A pencil case keeps your school supplies organized and easy to access! They're super easy to use, so just use it! It really saves you from all the clutter!
(I wouldn't recommend using the pen/pencil pockets in backpacks because they can fall out from there too!)

What's in my pencil case? 
I've used different types of pencil cases before -  now I have a fairly small sized one! (which cost $1!)

1. Pens - 2 blue and 1 black (ballpoint). I use blue for exams and writing most of my notes whereas I use black for headings/sub-headings! (more on note taking here!)

2. A Pencil (+lead) - 2 (both by BIC). I use one on a regular basis & the other for exams (they are HB & #2, so they work for tests too!)

3. A ruler - mine opens up & functions as a longer one too! Which is great because I've broken about 6 long rulers or so by just keeping them in my bag - the weight of the books is too much! 

4. An eraser - Mistakes, be gone!

5. A stapler - For putting together test papers & loose leaf ones it becomes really handy! I've even seen staplers smaller than the one I've shown here! 

*In a separate ziploc bag, I store scissors, glue, shake-and-squeeze white out & a highlighter! I decided to store them separately because I don't reach for them a lot! (However, now I do use the highlighter a lot more) In a separate pocket in my bag I have a post-it pad! I actually don't reach for them a lot at school but I do a TON at home! 

That's all! Thanks a TON for reading this post! Hope it was helpful!

What do you keep in your pencil case? Leave a comment below! Please go ahead and subscribe/follow so YOU know when I post next! Thanks!

-Kavya :)
“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Joshua J. Marine

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