Tuesday, 17 September 2013

School Staples: Electronics! :)

This is the last post in the "School Staples" series and what a better way to end it but with electronics?!
Here they are:

1. Computer/laptop:
I'm pretty sure we all have one of these, you might even be reading this post on one now! 
Make sure yours is equipped with Microsoft Office - great for projects, notes & so much more!

2. USB/CDs:
Transferring projects - that's where these come in handy! If you are allowed to work on projects at school, taking your USB will be helpful so you can work on a bit of the project at school & the rest at home!
However, if you have to turn in a PPT, for example, a blank CD is what you need - no one wants to hand over their USB, obviously! 
These also come in handy during presentations - I know I've taken both these items before for PPT presentations! 

3. Calculator:
Might be an essential for you, depending on what your teacher says! Personally, I've never been allowed to use calculators, but you may have to!

That's it! I know it was short but I've been really busy with tests - every Saturday, to be exact! Hope you understand! However, feel free to leave a comment below! Please go ahead and follow/subscribe to my blog too! It means a lot! Thanks! (be sure to read the quote below, it's one of my favourites!)

-Kavya :)
"Difficult doesn't mean impossible, it just means that you have to work harder."

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