Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How to Organize: Your school binder divider/folder tabs! :)

In my previous post, How to Organize: Your Binder, I went over the basic organization and how using tabs in dividers is really helpful! This is a follow up to that and I will be giving you some ideas on how you (or a student you know) can organize those tabs - both in & out of the binder!

*All Images are my own! :)*

Most binder dividers come small paper tabs - to label & organize your binder!
The ones shown here are by Avery (Link - these are the most simliar ones I could find!)

2 ways to organize tabs inside your binder!

1. By Subject:
  • Great for youthose students who use an "all-in-one" binder/file! 
  • Tip! Place them in the same order of your classes according to your schedule!
2. By Type of paper:
  • Great for those students who have a single binder per subject!
  • Tip! Write on both sides of 1 tab & place it in the 2-in-1 binder folder divider!
How you can organize tabs outside the binder!
Super simple organizer that you can DIY for organizing blank/leftover tabs!
  • Take a small container!
  • Cut a small piece of cardboard which will divide the box!
  • Then, place your tabs in them! On one side - used & the other - unused!
  • This saves space because you don't need to keep the blank tab sheets & protects them too!
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-Kavya :)

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