Tuesday, 6 August 2013

School Staples: Supplies! :)

School Supply shopping is one of my favourite things to do! Especially right before school! Just the feeling of walking into Staples or Office Depot gets me all excited! :) Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming - so in this post, I'll tell you some essential supplies and in the coming posts, I'll tell you about some more essentials!
1. Pens - ballpoint or gel:
  • Blue/Black - choose one as the basic colour you will write with!
  • Coloured - write with them in your planner, notebooks and more! Prioritize & organize! 
2. Pencils - mechanical or regular 

3. Sharpener - if you use regular pencils, a must have! Try to get one that stores the pencil shavings!

4. Erasers - both cap erasers & regular ones!

5. Ruler - long & short 

6. White out - if you don't like striking things out, this is what you need!

7. Post it notes - flags, different sized post it pads in different colours, page markers & more!

8. Tabs - good to divide your notebook by month, test, chapter, etc!

9. Whiteboard & whiteboard markers - write down reminders, important dates, doodle, the options are endless!

10. Bulletin board & push pins - pin a calendar, memorabilia, important papers, etc!

11. Binder clips - Honestly, I don't know why these are called binder clips but get them in different sizes to sort a lot of papers! 

12. Paper clips - good for sorting small piles of paper!

13. A mini stapler + staple pins - A must have - especially when you need to turn in papers, you don't want to ask around because it may annoy some people. However, there will be people who will ask to borrow yours! (It's happened to me a LOT!)

14. Tape - rip a page? Well, I guess we need tape to fix that! 

15. Glue - Stick pictures in projects or pieces together in models! 

16. Scissors - Obviously, to cut papers or tape or index cards, etc!

17. Index cards - A must have for studying! 

18. Highlighters - a great study tool which helps you remember things better (because it's so bright) & makes your textbooks look so much better! (especially if your textbooks are all black & white like mine)

19. Binders - 1", 2" or 3" - depends on whether you want to use them for individual subjects or all in one! (also, you may require dividers & sheet protectors too!)

20. Notebooks - I suggest purchasing ones that have pockets/folders in them to save space! 1/3/5 subjects, depends on what you require!

21. Folders - Simple pocket, envelope or accordion style! 

22. A clipboard - Keeps your papers organized during tests or when you're doing projects!

23. A planner/calendar - Another must have to be organized during the school year! 

24. A pencil case - to store all of your supplies!

25. A school bag - to store everything you need for school!

That's everything! Thanks a TON for reading! I hope it helped you! Remember to e-mail me for a list of everything! :) Feel free to leave any requests - I'll try my best to do them! Also, please go ahead & subscribe so you know when I post next! Thanks! :)

I mentioned my must-haves, what are yours? Leave a comment below! (I'll reply!)

-Kavya :)
"No pain, no gain!" 


  1. how much does everything cost at staples? do they have unbeatable deals for back to school?

    1. Since we live in different countries & Staples here has different deals, the best tip I can give you is to check for coupons - either online or in the newspaper! :)


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