Monday, 22 July 2013

School Staples: Introduction! :)

In this post, I'll be giving you an introduction on a school related series I'm doing soon!

Series scoop:
  • Name: School Staples
  • What: Telling you school essentials whether it's supplies, books and everything else! I'll also tell you how to choose the best ones for you!
  • When: Anytime!
Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this series or ideas for other ones! I'll also try to create printables too! Please go ahead and subscribe so you know when I post next! Thanks! :)

-Kavya :)
"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." - Aristotle  


  1. Hi, Kavya. I really like the idea, and I am waiting for the series to start! :) I am out of school, but I work from home (I translate) and I love office supplies, so I have a lot of them!

    1. Thanks! I've planned a few other posts for the coming week or so but I will start this series right after that! :)


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