Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Planner alternatives?! :)

In my previous post, "How to Organize: your Planner", I mentioned how important using a planner is to be organized. Well, not everyone may want to use a planner so if you are one of those people, don't fret! I'll give you quite a few ways on how you can still be organized without using one - starting from a planner to the simplest method of all!

You can also use any of these methods to organize different parts of your life!  :)

*not sponsored, links are non-affiliated, images are from respective websites unless mentioned otherwise, I just wanted to provide links where you could buy the products at the best price! All opinions are my own!* :)

#1 - A monthly/weekly planner:
  • Ideal if you: Can stick to a planner and utilize it to the max! (see what I did there?)
  • Not the best choice if: you may forget to write in it (which may happen when you start using one but if you keep forgetting to use it, it's probably not the best option for you!)
  • Products:
$8.11 | Amazon.com (this is what I have!)
#2 -  An undated weekly planner:
  • Ideal if you: Have a more flexible schedule, lighter workload or simply if you tend to forget to write in your planner even though you may want to! 
  • Not the best choice if: You have a ton of deadlines to meet! 
  • Products:
$2.24 | Amazon.com

At-A-Glance has some pretty good ones too!
#3 - A calendar: 
  • Ideal if you: Have a ton of deadlines to meet, without a lot of day-to-day work (may just have a standard routine)
  • Not the best choice if: You have repetitive events month after month! 
  • Products:

#4  - A weekly whiteboard calendar:
  • Ideal if you: Don't mind "erasing" the week after it's over, have a very light workload most of the time!
  • Not the best choice if: You require looking back at dates often, have many long-term projects, etc.
  • Products:
$11.34 | Amazon.com

$13.99 | Amazon.com (A little bit more expensive but you'll be able to use it for years!)
#5 - Post-it notes!
  • Ideal if you: have absolutely no intention of using a planner but may want to be organized on a few days - take a post-it note, date it and just jot down whatever you need to do! (If you're in school, you might even be able to stick it in your locker or just stick it in your binder/notebook and write when you need to!), have mainly day-to-day work instead of long-term projects
  • Not the best choice if: You require looking back at days/months, have a lot of work all the time, etc.
  • Products: 
These are ones I got locally for a $1! Steal! Try to find schedule like ones!
That's it! Thanks a TON for reading! Feel free to leave a comment below on what item you use to organize your life or if you have any other alternatives, you can share them too! Please go ahead and follow or subscribe for more posts! Thanks! :)
-Kavya :)
"In all planning you make a list and you set priorities." – Alan Lakein

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