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How to Organize: Jewellery :)

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Sparkly stones, glistening gold, shimmering silver and so much more! If you are a lady reading this post, you  might already know what all of these are found in - Jewellery! (or you probably read the title :P) Having all of your jewellery on a single tray doesn't really help prevent everything from getting tangled or turning it into a big mess! So, to know ways on organizing your jewellery (and how I organize mine), keep on reading! Please read till the end, I've saved the best for last!

*not sponsored, links are non-affiliated, images are from respective websites unless mentioned otherwise, I just wanted to provide links where you could buy the products at the best price! Collages made using!* :)

Price breakdown: 
$ = <$10 - $20
$$ = >$20 - $30
$$$ = >$30 

1. Jewel;ery trees/Stands:
  • Pros: Displays your jewellery, can be used for decoration & organization!
  • Cons: Usually a bit more on the expensive side, takes up desktop/dresser/vanity/etc. space
  • Price: $-$$ 
  • Ideal if: You want decoration, organization & have plenty of space to spare! 
  • Products: 
  (Starting from top left corner, clockwise)
3. Earring/Bracelet Stand | $8.90  
4. Black jewelery tree (for necklaces, earrings & bracelets) | $20
2. Hooks/knobs/pins on cork boards:
  • Pros: A great space saver, it also displays your jewellery, can be used for both decoration & organization, you can DIY! 
  • Cons: Hooks/knobs may not be strong enough to support all of your jewellery so you may have to purchase more of them, also you may run out of space too!
  • Ideal if: You want to DIY an organizer while adding your own personal touches to it & don't have a lot of space to spare! 
  • Price: $-$$, depending on the amount you spend on making it!
  • How to: Take a cork board (you can paint it or add wallpaper, etc), fix some hooks/knobs (or even pins for earrings) onto it - a zigzag order would seem the best and hang your pieces up! Framing the board to make it look extra glam is an option too!
  • Ideas: (I tried to find some pictures for inspiration!)
 (Starting from top left corner, clockwise)
1. PollyH | Pinterest
2. PamelaAlexis | Pinterest
3. AsteMarie | Pinterest 
4. Sptoday | Pinterest

 3. Ties holders: (yes, tie holders) - for NECKLACES
  • Pros: Can be hung in your closet, a space saver, can sort by different weights/lengths/colours/etc., inexpensive,
  • Cons: can be used only for necklaces (or ties & belts but they're not jewellery), sometimes necklaces can get tangled (depending on the one you have) but they usually don't! 
  • Ideal if: You have a lot of necklaces and are short on space!
  • Price: $
  • Products:
 (starting from top left corner, clockwise)
1. Tie/Belt organizer | $10.49
2. Twirl-A-Tie organizer (or necklace!) | $2 (better for lighter necklaces instead of chunky ones)
My Necklace Organizer! (images are my own)
I have the 1st organizer (in previous picture) but I got mine locally for $4
I twist the necklaces (like if I were to wear them as a bracelet) and store them!
 Here's how I organize it:
On the left side - silver necklaces
On the right side - Gold necklaces
On the belt hooks - Heavier necklaces
 4. Jewelery chests/boxes:
  • Pros: Protect more delicate items better, good if you have a small amount of jewellery 
  • Cons: Tend to occupy more space, much more expensive 
  • Ideal if: Your jewellery collection consists mainly of delicate items!
  • Price: $$$ 
  • Products:

(left to right)

1. Wooden chest | $75
2. Acrylic chest | $109.99

5. Hanging jewellery organizers: 
  • Pros: A major space saver, stores a lot, reasonable price, allows you to see all of your items at once
  • Cons: pockets may not have zippers, not the best for delicate items
  • Ideal if: You are very short on space & have a lot to store! 
  • Price: $
  • Products:

(left to right)

2. Canvas organizer | $13.72

My jewellery organizer (#1 in the previous pic)
Top (right side top image):
- bangles
- rings
- bracelets
Bottom (right side bottom image):
- chains
-hair accessories

Top (right side top image):
- watches
- hoop earrings
Bottom (right side bottom image)
- more earrings (I was obsessed in 5th grade :P)
- 2 hair ties

You can definitely come up with more ideas too - for example you can use a storage utility box like this - 
(A utility box from Creative Options Crafts - I even mention this here!)
Make sure you line the box with felt so your jewelery doesn't get damaged! 
That's 5 - or should I say 6? ;) easy ways to organize your jewellery! Thanks a TON for reading! I had a lot of fun writing this post even though it took me a while! Which one's your favourite? Do you have any other ways on how you organize your jewellery? Leave a comment below! I love reading & replying to comments! Also, please go ahead & subscribe so you know when I post next! Thanks! :)

-Kavya :)
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