Sunday, 2 June 2013

UPDATE! 11th grade, Back-to-school?! :) *please read*

Hello! :)
As you can tell by the title, this post is an update - not about a new back-to-school series but about me going back-to-school, starting June 3rd. You might be asking well, why are you going back to school now? It's because I'm from India! Here, the school year is generally from June-March which means that I was on summer vacation the past 2 months! As I am typing this it is my last day of summer vacation! :( 

I will be starting 11th grade and here in India, this is when you can choose your classes. Until now, you just have to study everything (you do have a choice in languages though) but even this choice cannot be anything. You have to choose from 3 "core groups":
-Arts (typically Social Studies/Language related topics)
-Commerce (topics like Economics, Business studies, Accountancy, etc)
-Science (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc)

The 3rd one is definitely the most chosen group and I have chosen that too. Now in these "groups", you choose "streams", which are basically combinations of subjects (3 or 4). For example, science students' main choice is PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Math) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). If it is 4 subjects, it will be PCM + Biology/Computer Science/Psychology/etc. (depending on what your school offers). Also, there are 3 syllabi (ICSE, CBSE or the respective state's). Depending on which one you are in, you may/may not have a second language (along with English, which I also have). I have been and will continue to be studying in the CBSE syllabus.

I have chosen PCMB which is definitely the toughest "stream". I start school tomorrow and am both nervous and excited! For the first week, I have school for a half day otherwise I will have school for 9 hours a day, Monday to Saturday (yes, Saturday - most schools in India that I know of have school on Saturday typically for high school students, not really for other grade students) so I will be pretty busy at least by the end of June. So, I will most probably post 2 times a week! (if I can post more, I will!)

That's all! Thanks a TON for reading this extremely long post! I hope you now know a little more about me! Feel free to leave any requests in the comment section below! I'll do my best to do them!

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-Kavya :)
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

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