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Look into my Life: First day of 11th Grade! | June 3rd, 2013 :)

Hi! I hope you're having a great day! This is my first "Look into my Life" post (click here for introduction) and I decided to do my first day of 11th grade! Also, sorry for not having any pictures in this post! I'll try my best to include pictures in my next ones!

*FYI: I had school only till 12:30 this day and transport facilities were not available so what I did this day will probably not be what I do later on* :)

June 3rd, 2013

7:00 AM - Woke up

               - Made bed 
               - Brushed teeth
7:15 AM - Read newspaper
7:30 AM - Drank milk
7:35 AM - Showered & got dressed
7:45 AM - Skincare (sunscreen & lip balm) + Hair
7:50 AM - Ate Breakfast (I had a typical Indian breakfast)
8:00 AM - Off to school! (my dad dropped me)
8:30 AM - Reached school!
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM - School! My experience:

I did join a new school but I already knew about 10 people (they also joined the same school!) so it wasn't an 'awkward new kid' situation, if you get what I'm saying? ;) We didn't really learn anything today, the teachers just introduced themselves and the subject they'll be teaching though the teachers told us that we will have weekly tests - YIKES! We met the English, Chemistry and two Biology teachers. Also, most of us already met the Math and Physics teachers. If you want to know what I'm studying click here! All of my teachers seem to be really nice and helpful! (except for one who seems to be a little more strict but still helpful, nonetheless). That's pretty much it! 

1:00 PM - Reached home! 

1:10 PM - Ate lunch (rice with curry) & watched TV (CSI:NY)
1:30 PM - Read blog posts & watched YouTube videos!
(I did some random things in between)
4:00 PM - Snack time! (I had a puff - I know I should eat healthier!) 
4:10 PM - Starting typing a 2-in-1 introduction post! 
4:30 PM - Visited one of my previous teachers who taught me a subject after school (because I got A's in  everything else but B's in this one) 
5:00 PM - Edited the post I typed earlier
                - Did some planning for future posts
6:00 PM - Published that post I typed and edited earlier.
                - Recalled what I did the entire day at what time
7:15 PM - Started typing this post
7:40 PM - Typed and edited this post (until this line)
8:00 PM - Dinner (same as lunch!)
9:00 PM - Watched the season finale of Masterchef USA season 3! The person whom I wanted to win won! YAY! Even though the season got over months ago, you should definitely watch at least the finale! 
10:00 PM - Packed my school bag
                - Chose my outfit for the next day (I actually have a uniform but haven't got it yet)
                - Did my daily 5 minute cleanup (makes a huge difference in keeping your room clean, trust me!)
                - Night routine
                - Thought of some blogpost ideas
11:15 PM - Bed time! 
All in all, I enjoyed my first day of 11th grade! 

That's it! Thanks a TON for reading! Do you have school where you live? Or is it summer? Comment below!

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-Kavya :)

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination" 


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