Monday, 24 June 2013

How to Organize: School Books :)

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Textbooks and notebooks for class after class - it can get really messy when you don't organize them! You may have to search or your books and this will just waste time (for more organization benefits, click here!)
So, let me tell you some super simple steps to organize you books for school! (If you don't know what this series is click here!)

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Step 1 - Get bookends!
By far the most popular way to organize books is by using bookends. We have probably seen them in libraries before too.
  • Pros: Available in many designs, sturdy, efficient, simple to use, save a lot of space
  • Cons: Price - depends on where you get them but a pair usually costs $8+
  • Price: $$
  • You can get them at any school supply store -  they're very commonly found!
Step 2 - Decide how you want to organize your shelf! (using bookends)
I've used my 11th grade books to show you how using 2 methods:
  • By TYPE of book - textbook, notebook, workbook, etc.
My bookshelf for school (I will get more books eventually)

Close-up (left to right) : Notebooks which I use at home |bookend| School notebooks | Bookend| Extra workbooks & Textbooks organized by subject |bookend| Main textbooks (organized by subject)
My bookshelf organized by subject & other books

Close-up of bottom shelf (left to right): Makeshift bookend| English |bookend| Biology| bookend| Math | bookend| Chemistry |bookend| Physics

Top shelf (left to right): 5 subject notebook | Extra notebooks (That are provided by the school)
Step 3 - Keep it organized! 
To motivate yourself to keep your bookshelf organized, it will take you less that 30 seconds to put it back! If you've taken time to take it out, you can definitely put it back, right? 

I know that these methods are simple but sometimes, simple is the way to go! That's it! Are you going to use any of these methods? Or do you use different ones! Leave a comment below! Thanks a TON for reading this post! 

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-Kavya :)
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