Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Colour Coding :)

Rainbow or dark grey clouds in the sky? I think rainbows for most - Maybe, I don't really know to be honest. However, I'm pretty sure most people would prefer some colour in books - whether it's notebooks or textbooks or even you planner. Now, let me ask the question differently - Black text only in the entire textbook or at least a few colours here and there, for headings, diagram, etc.? I'd say the latter, what about you? 

Now, colour coding is using colours to be organized - double score! You can make your things colourful and organized! Let me tell you how based on:

1. Topics/items:

  • Colour code subjects in notes/folders/binders by writing or highlighting (or even using post-its) in different colours. You can also have different coloured binders/notebooks for each subject too!
  • As for storage, you can cover shoeboxes in different colour papers - for example, photos in a blue box, belts in a purple one, index cards in a green one and so on! This will also make the shoeboxes look better!   

2. Priority: 

  • Let high, low and middle priorities have their own colour when you're writing in a planner! That way you know what you need to do first! 

3. Owner:

  • This can be used for organizing things - for example, you and your siblings could colour code your bottles with lunch boxes.
  • When it comes to family schedules colour coding can be done too!

That's it! I know it was short but I still hope that it was helpful! I'm sorry for not posting the past few days, school has been very busy - I have 3 tests each week! Anyways, thanks a TON for reading this! 
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-Kavya :)

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