Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Reorganizing: My Desk Drawer :)

A while back, I re-organized my desk drawer for at least the 4th time in 2013 (not joking) ! I change the organizational system of my desk drawer a LOT, way more than I need to. What can I say, I'm an organizing junkie. :) I will organize it and a month or so later, re-organize it simply because I love doing it! 

In case you're wondering how I organize my desk drawer, I mainly use methods that I mentioned in my previous

Here's all the pictures!

Desk drawer - empty (lined with a clear stick-on sheet)
Clockwise from large school supply box (outwards to inwards):
Backup school supply box, small supplies storage box, post-it notes,
clear chocolate box without a lid used to store flash cards, rulers,
2 boxes with pens of multiple colours, large post-it notes, tape, tabs,
my planner (it's from Planahead), writing supplies acrylic storage container.
(in the back there was a small storage container and oil pastels)

After AKA "The Organizational Outcome"!

 Clockwise from large storage container:

Backup school supply box, small storage box (by Really Useful Box) which stores extra inserts for the box above, lid of a box used to store post-its/tabs/blank index cards, blue box stores pens which I use to write in my planner, my planner, rulers, writing supplies box and finally in the middle the small supplies box.

It may not seem like much of a difference - that's because I re-organized the drawer, I didn't de-clutter it. To me, the drawer is simplified and more structured (if I can put it that way) because pretty much everything is in a tray or a box as opposed to the "before" where I had more "loose change", let's say. I kept the storage containers towards the back of the drawer because I don't reach for them that often but I do reach for my planner, tabs/sticky notes, index cards a lot more. So I also made everything a little more accessible.

Here are pictures of the storage containers:

 Starting from top row, left to right (mostly extras):
Extra binder clips, paper clips, random mini notepad, extra cap erasers, regular erasers, double-sided tape, coloured glitter tape, extra rubber bands, black markers, lead, regular pencils, ruler, cutter, clic erasers, 
blank index cards, compass and post-it notes/tabs

Starting from top row, left to right: 
First 5 slots are the same, tapes, sharpeners, rubber bands, black markers, cutter, clic erasers, regular pencils, ruler, flash cards, big binder clip, glue/ink, little box where I store extra binder/file tabs, compass and lead.

As you can see, I've mainly changed the larger row on the bottom. I've the items previously there to a lid which I placed in the front of my drawer. 

 Writing Supplies box - Before

Writing supplies box - After!
By the way, the third compartment from the left will have both gel and ballpoint pens.
(This is actually different than the one in the "After" drawer picture, I re-organized this particular container again!)

Small supplies box - after!
I actually did not have a before picture of this box (Sorry!) but I replaced post-it flags with labels and post-it page markers/small sticky notes with large binder clips (which I am still yet to buy). 

Also, any remaining supplies that I don't use often, I stored in a shoebox.

That's all for this post! Thanks a TON for reading it! I hoped it inspired you to re-organize (or organize) your desk drawer (or any drawer, for that matter)!

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-Kavya :)

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  1. i have the same planner! but i got a new one I'll start using in july just had to tell you lol ;)

    1. Nice! I've just started using mine since school's just started! (for me) :) By the way, you can definitely share anything! <3

      -Kavya :)


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