Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to Organize: School Supplies (Desktop) :)

Do you get really excited whenever you walk into Staples or Office Depot? Well, if you do, then we both LOVE school supplies! So, that means we might have a little more than we need, right? ;) We also need to organize them. However, even if you don't have a lot, you still need to organize them because dumping everything in a drawer or on top of your desk isn't exactly the best thing to do. You might ask, how can you organize school supplies? Well, just keep on reading so you do! (if you don't know what this series is, click here!)

I've decided to split this post into 2, just so I don't make it way too long because when it comes to school supplies and organization, I can go on and on!  

Part 1: Desktop organization
Part 2: Drawer organization

*not sponsored, links are non-affiliated, images are from respective websites unless mentioned otherwise, I just wanted to provide links where you could buy the products at the best price!* :)

Price breakdown:
$      ($5 and less)
$$    (>$5 and <$12)
$$$  (>$12)

1. Cups/Glass - like stands/holders:
  • Pros: Extremely easy, affordable, can be used to organize writing supplies and clips, can be organized to the max!
  • Cons: Can take up desktop space depending on how many you choose to use.
  • Utilize: 1 with your essentials (picture below) OR line up multiple ones - one for pens, another for pencils, highlighters, etc.
 My desktop school supply holder
(image above and below are my own)

It has a cardboard divider in the middle.
On the left: Whiteboard markers
On the right: 1 regular pencil, 1 mechanical pencil, 1 pen & a pair of scissors
I've also put a binder clip on the rim.
  • Sub-organize! By cutting out a correct sized piece of cardboard, you can slide it into your holder (like I've done above) and divide your supplies!
  • Price: $ (I got mine above for $1 but they usually are about $2-$5 for plain ones)
  • DIY: Take an empty jar (clean, of course) and divide and decorate (decoration post coming soon!) It's as simple as that! You help save the environment (by reusing) and save money too! - Double bonus! ;) 
  • Quick tip! Place markers/highlighters/pens/etc. inverted so they don't dry out!
  • Products that you can check out:
Amazon | $2.88 

Staples® Black Wire Mesh Pencil Holder
 Staples | $4.79
(similar to mine but more expensive)

 Staples | $2.79
Great for small items like paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands and more!
Rubbermaid Storage Pencil Cup
Staples | $7.99
Costs more but you can keep writing supplies and  smaller ones in this! A 2-in-1 product that saves space!

2. Organizers with drawers/Desk Cubes:
  • Pros: Easy to use, great to use if you don't have a desk drawer, easy-to-reach on your desk, can be stacked to save space (this also substitutes using multiple holders which I mentioned above), much better than stacking boxes on top of your desk, can be used in shelves too!
  • Cons: More expensive, will require more if you have a lot of supplies
  • Sub-organize! Cardboard inserts work great too, but if the drawers are deeper, plastic trays can be stacked for maximum space utilization! 
  • Price: $$-$$$ 
  • Products that you can check out:
Amazon | $11.14

Deflecto Desk Cube with 4 Drawers, Clear Plastic
 Amazon |  $16.88
(more expensive, I know)
Product Details
 Amazon | $10.88
This cube is unique for storing pens/pencils/highlighters/etc.
The brands SPARCO and DEFLECT-O seem to have the widest range on for the best prices! :)

3. Desktop organizers:
  • Pros: Extremely simple (all you have to do is buy one and fill it!), efficient, great if you have a small amount of supplies, perfect if you are not into organizing and want something quick, already divided (just decide where you want what!).
  • Cons: Much more expensive, not worth the money if you have a lot of supplies (better to use holders).
  • Price: $$-$$$ 
  • Products that you can check out:
Product Details
Amazon | $12.98

Product Details
Amazon | $10.31 
These were the cheapest ones I found. Everything else is $18+   

In case you're wondering, I just use one holder (pictured in the beginning) and organize the rest in my drawer. 

That's all for this post! Thanks a TON for reading this long post! Still, I hoped this helped you and now you organize your desktop! Stay tuned for part 2 soon! (It's up! - Click here to read!)

Are you going to use any of these methods? Or do you have different ones? Feel free to comment! Also please go ahead and follow or subscribe so you know when I post next! Thanks! :)

-Kavya :)
"When it comes to organizing a workspace, relaxation and comfort aren't the primary goals. Work is about efficiency and productivity. ... The more neat and logically organized your workspace is, the better you will be at your job." - Peter Walsh

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