Sunday, 30 November 2014

Great planner for everyone! :)

Hi! Hope you're all having a nice day! I have been working on posts and will 10 times during December - Yay! (most of which will be posted over winter break)

This is a quick post in which I wanted to share a Kickstarter project - The Passion Planner!

Here's the link for you to read about it - The Passion Planner - Kickstarter 

After reading about the project, it seems like a great planner, especially for students! If you would like to you may pledge for the project, or you may share it on some platform of social media (like how I'm doing!) and receive a PDF copy for free! The project ends in a few days, so share it soon!

This will be perfect since 2014 is almost over (wait, what?!) and you can start off the new year organized!

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-Kavya :)

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

How I Improved 200 points on the SAT! :)

*In the tune of Rude by Magic!* "Saturday morning, jump out of bed and take a test soon..."

For college, all high school students need to take the SAT. While there are test-optional schools, most colleges (especially the more selective ones) require you to take a standardized test or two. In this post, I'll tell you how I improved 200 points on the SAT and how you can too! I got a score above 2250 and since I took it twice, my superscore (sum of highest individual sections) is above 2300.

#1 - Start memorizing more vocabulary:
Those 19 sentence completion questions can be pretty difficult if you don't know what the words mean. Most of the time, the sentences aren't really that hard and you can even guess what the word to be put in the blank means but you just don't understand the options! Vocabulary is also really important to know for the comprehension sections because certain types of questions - such as tone/mood ones - often require you to know what certain words mean. For instance, you may know that the mood is happy, but the SAT would much rather give you a more complicated word. So start memorizing vocab! Flashcards work well when it comes to memorizing vocab! Quizlet is great because you can test yourself too!

#2 - Learn how to eliminate options: 
Critical reading tends to be a harder section for most and most of the time, the hardest section to improve in. However, you can still do it! I went from a score in the high 500s to one in the low 700s. What helped me the most (along with vocab) was learning how to make the most of reading the passage and being able to confidently eliminate options. When I read passages, I liked to mark certain lines that I thought were important and also mark any line references. Then while answering the questions, I would go through each of the options and try to eliminate them. I could usually 3 out of 5, but picking between the last two was the hard part. I generally split each of the options into 2 parts and then tried to determine which ones had more support from the passage.

#3 - Study more essay examples and know how to tweak them:
For the essay on the SAT, you need to have an example bank from you can use one or two examples to support your thesis. A good example that supports your essay can really get you a double digit score. So, pick some good examples from various topics - technology, success, etc. Also make sure you know how to tweak them according to the given prompt. In order to do this, you need to know your example inside out!

#4 - Practice math:
Once you've brushed up on basic algebra, you need to practice. Take timed sections - this will help you work faster and more efficiently on the actual test day!

#5 - Go through grammar rules and know how they are used:
Once you've read through the basic grammar rules, practice questions and take note of how they are tested. Make sure you don't over think the "No error" questions by saying that you think there needs to be a certain rule, when in fact, there doesn't have to be. Once you practice doing a lot of questions, you will notice certain patterns in the way the SAT tests you!

That's how I improved on the SAT! Hope this post helped you! I will do another post about resources/books you can use to study for the SAT!

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Why you SHOULD make To-Do lists! :)

Procrastination. Something that everyone does, at some point or another. So, how do you overcome procrastination? The simplest way of doing so is by making To-Do lists.

Why To-Do lists are awesome:
  • Help you overcome procrastination
  • Give you an idea of how many things you need to do 
  • Help you manage your time
  • Help you actually start doing something productive
  • Motivate you to do more (especially once you start crossing things off!)
The list goes on and on! 

When you make a To-Do list, you write down a list of things that you need to do (oh, really?). This gives you a visual representation of what you need to get done, instead of keeping it all up in your head. It also ensures that you won't forget things that you have to do. Once you make a list, you can assess the importance of different tasks. This will enable you to plan and manage your time as this will help you do tasks in their order of priority. Doing all of this is the first step to overcoming procrastination and actually getting things done!

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

UPDATE! + New posting schedule! :)

It has been way too long since I've posted! The past month has been extremely busy for me and I felt overwhelmed with all of the work I had to do! However, now I've adjusted to the new environment and I'm ready to be back posting again!

Posting Schedule:
At least once a week for now - I think it's a better idea to achieve this first and possibly then post more often. Have any requests? Leave them in a comment below!

Monthly Recap:
This is a summary of what all happened during the month of September and the first 10 days or so of October. I had:

  • 7 AP Biology tests
  • 2 AP Biology quizzes
  • 5 AP Chemistry quizzes
  • 2 AP Chemistry tests
  • 2 Anatomy and Physiology tests
  • A Government test
  • A Government quiz
  • 4 AP Calculus quizzes
  • 2 AP Calculus tests 
  • Stuff for a 12th grade research project due 
  • College Applications to work on
  • The ACT 
  • And last but not least, the SAT which I took today morning!
As you can probably tell, it was quite a busy month! Now I've adjusted to the new system here and I know how to manage my time and prioritize my tasks! 

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-Kavya :)

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The first week of school! :)

I started school last Wednesday and the past week has been quite busy! I'm in 12th grade (or senior year, as some call it) and the workload has already been quite a bit! In this post, I'll recap my week and describe my classes! 

My classes: 

1 - English 12:
Haven't done much in this class yet, except go over the syllabus and the requirements for the course. Don't really know what to expect.

2 - AP Biology:
I've already had a test on chapter 1 and chapter 2's test is tomorrow. What?! That's a bit fast! However, the teacher has not actually taught anything yet as she said that the chapters were ones studied previously and so she's giving us tests on them. Hope the class isn't this fast! 

3 - AP Calculus AB:
In India, I studied some Calculus, but not much. Maybe a couple of chapters at most. So, to jump right into AP Calculus AB is a bit of a challenge for me, but the teacher is explaining concepts well and I think I will be able to do well in the class (provided I put in the work required, of course).

4 - Government:
This a a mandatory 12th grade course I have to take. While I'm not particularly fond of social studies, I still think I'll enjoy the course. The teacher is explaining things well so far! However, there is this research project (For Government and English combined) that I am a bit nervous for.

5 - Anatomy and Physiology:
I really like this class so far. I do enjoy Biology in general so I guess that might be a given. The teacher definitely connects concepts while teaching, so that's nice too. Don't know how it'll be during second semester, when it's time for dissection though! 

6 - AP Chemistry:
As you can probably tell by now, I enjoy Science! This particular class (especially with the teacher I have) is supposed to be one of the hardest in the school! Nevertheless, I actually think I'll enjoy this class and learn a lot! 

That's what I gathered from my first week of school! I haven't really met anyone yet though! 

How has school been for you so far? What grade are you in? Leave a comment below! :) Also, tell me any school/organization post requests you may have!

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-Kavya :)

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

8 things to do before school starts! :)

School is just around the corner and in order to transition from summer vacation to school, I'm telling you 10 things that you could do to set the school year off with a great start! Feel free to do these things yourself or share them with other students!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back to School: Supplies Haul! :)

School Supply shopping. Probably the best part about going back-to-school! I got things from Walmart, Staples and Target. Here's everything I got!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Back to School: School Supply essentials + free printables! :)

Back to school shopping mainly includes buying supplies for the upcoming school year. Sometimes walking into a Staples or even the Back-to-School section of other stores can be a little overwhelming and if you really do like supplies, you will possibly end up buying more than you need. Way more than you need. So, I made 2 printables (free, of course!) for you to download and print to use as a guide for when you go school supply shopping.

Last year, I did 2 posts on School Supply Staples. They are:
Make sure to read those if you haven't yet!

This year, since I already had done a list, I decided to make a printable version of that list.

The first printable has pretty much everything mentioned in the two posts linked above and a few extra spaces for you to add anything else that you might want! You can click the link below and on the top of the screen, you'll have options to download/print!

However, if you already have most of the things listed in the printable above, this is a blank list that I made for you to download, print and use! This one is in the form of two tables. In each table, there is a smaller column on the left. You can use this as a box to check off the supplies one by one or just number the supplies!

I hope you like the printables! This is my first time making them! Let me know if you use them in a comment below and feel free to request any more printables you would like to see or other back-to-school posts you would like to read in the comments too! Also, please make sure you follow/subscribe to my blog (links below), so you know when I post next! Thanks!

-Kavya :) 

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Back to School: The 3 best times to buy School Supplies! :)

School supply shopping. Something that I enjoy. (Yes, I know that it sounds weird) With school coming up soon, I thought I'll give you an idea of the best times to buy school supplies. I think there are three  times when you could buy school supplies that would make them both cheap and worth it!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Back to School 2014: Introduction! :)

Well, it's the beginning of August and school is right around the corner! (Actually, there's still a few weeks, but school will start before you know it!) So that means it's time for "back to school" posts! While school is probably not where you want to be any time soon, it will come. And another year will pass before you know it!

This is the first time that I will be doing back-to-school posts!